adidas Originals Men’s Adissage Sandal

41aO4gUAf3L._SS300_I’m a girl and have worn these flip flops for years! I have wide feet so I buy the men’s and adjust inward, rather than squeezing into the women’s. These are my primary go-to shoes while I’m home, and sometimes while I’m out. You can’t beat the feeling of having your feet massaged all day. If you’re sensitive though, you probably have to start with socks or maybe can’t wear them at all. My boyfriend has sensitive feet and wouldn’t wear these in ten million years. But I walked around barefoot a lot as a kid and have pretty tough soles.

The only problem with these is they wear out very quickly. Within months, the massage nubs start dropping off and scattering around the house. Our robotic floor cleaners push them to the edges wear I pick them up by hand. It’s annoying. I wish they lasted longer, but if the nubs were stronger, they might be unbearable to wear.

So I have a system: as soon as the first nubs drop off, I retire the pair to the outdoors. I leave a pair at each exit of our home so I don’t wear the outside ones inside our home (cleaner, too!). I don’t really care if the nubs scatter outdoors. Then when they get too gross after months or years of outside use, I toss them. Also by now, the inners have worn down so much there is no longer any support (which is very good when the shoes are new). Yes, that means I have to buy them constantly, but they feel that good on my feet.

Also, don’t expect these to dry quickly after wearing at the pool or getting out of the shower. They’re not meant for that. (Don’t wear these in the shower!) Dry your feet first. If you wash them, leave them out in the sun and they’ll be fine. But I find that mine wear out too fast to really get dirty inside, and if they’re dirty outside, so what.

These also look cute and go with everything! It’s not an especially masculine style, so they don’t scream “men’s”. I get lots of compliments on them all the time. It’s nice to wear slides when you know you might be waiting a long time (say, a hospital waiting area while someone’s having surgery) and slip them off and put your feet up for a while. Very convenient.

Green Tea Signature Botanical Bulk Bath Salts Blend – 20 Lbs.


Another fantastic product from a great company. I’ve ordered constantly from this company for the last couple years or so.

These salts are very potent with fragrance, much like the lavender: they don’t cheap out on scent! If you love the smell of green tea, you’ll love it. Be prepared to rinse your tub very thoroughly afterward because it will form a ring that requires more friction to remove the longer it sits. Once I had to use Magic Eraser to get it off. But, it was worth it. There are lots of dark chunky flecks in the salts that float around, if that skeeves you out, you probably ought to stick with their plain salts. It really doesn’t bother me.

For a soothing soak, two cups of salts will do; if you want the full detox experience, use 2.5 pounds at a time. I have a deep soaker tub and that’s an adequate amount for a full bath. Don’t do more than two detoxes per week. I also use salt baths to soothe skin irritations/itching and to improve my mood. This is great to do before bed if you want to go to bed in a better mood.