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Sunbeam Trashrac Trash Bags 3 Gal. 0.7 Mil 96 Bags / Box

UPDATE: I went to reorder these now that we’re using up the last roll, and the price has gone up significantly. From nine cents per bag to sixteen cents! They’re definitely taking advantage of the fact that stores don’t provide these anymore. Screw them. I will not reorder until the price comes down. I went ahead and ordered another kind, this time without handles but I’ll manage. I just can’t get my head around paying sixteen cents for a small trash bag.

While I really love these trash bags, I resent that we have to pay for something we used to get with our groceries. All the stores around here are no longer allowed to provide them, so we have to buy these to use for our used kitty litter and liners for our small wastecans. They serve the purpose, but they are are on rolls and you have to tear them (not bad but if you have arthritic hands it may be difficult).

If you’re used to grocery store handled plastic bags, these are slightly longer and stronger and hold more. That means, don’t fill them up with kitty litter or they can be prohibitively heavy! I fill them about halfway. For basic wastecan liners in the bathrooms and bedrooms, it feels like overkill, as they’re way stronger than we need for those purposes. That waste never gets heavy at all. It’s mostly used facial tissue and Q-tips. For those, we’re still using our grocery bag hoard we gathered while anticipating the cessation of stores providing them.

So, these are great, but unless you’re scooping litter, they’re a bit much. I bought them because they are handled and I carry out litter several times per week.

If you’re looking for lightweight liners for lightweight trash and want them much cheaper, and don’t care about handles, you can find more economical bags in bulk from industrial supply stores that carry liners for little office wastecans. Those are flimsier but may be just fine.

Eucerin Original Healing Soothing Repair Lotion, 16.9 Ounce Bottle

I’ve been hooked on original Eucerin lotion for 18 years, and have hooked others on it too. That’s how great it is for chapped skin and hands that are washed frequently. As hands are a very obvious giveaway of age, it’s important to me to preserve their young look.

I first learned its power when I worked as an infant/toddler caregiver. Some babies drooled so much during teething that they had eczema around their mouths and painful chapping on their chins. Their pediatricians recommended Eucerin. So, parents would bring it and we’d apply it to their children’s faces at every diaper change, both as cure and prevention. It worked beautifully, without prescription and no complaints from the babies! I have suggested it to countless parents who have been very happy with the results.

It wasn’t long before all the adults were using it, too. Taking care of kids means a lot of hand washing, and potentially very dry skin. Eucerin got me through many years of full-time childcare duties and helped me maintain very youthful hands. All it would take to turn anyone onto Eucerin is letting them try some. The thickness is like no other lotion. It’s very difficult to settle for anything less. We always have a bottle near the toilet so I can massage it into my hands whenever I sit.

As a frequent litter-box scooper/cleaner with four cats, I use Eucerin every day now into my 40s. My partner won’t use any other kind of lotion on his face unless we’re out of Eucerin (which I am careful about not allowing to happen). It also doubles as a makeup/sunscreen remover for me. It doesn’t break out my very sensitive face and also doesn’t irritate my eyes. We love that it has no scent! I like scents but not near my eyes. It also works for hair frizz!

This is one of my top products that I wouldn’t live without.