Dallas: The Complete First & Second Seasons (1978)

This is a must-have for any fan of the program “Dallas”. If you’re not a fan but have seen portions of the series and weren’t sure what you got from it, revisit these two seasons for maximum benefit. If you haven’t yet seen the show but are interested, this is where you start in order for the rest of it to make sense.

Dallas” started out as a miniseries that wasn’t intended to become a thirteen-season international sensation. But even in the beginning, the quality that would span over a decade was evident. There had never been a character like J.R. Ewing. The Ewings were a television family that viewers came to love and care about, including J.R., if only to see what would happen next so we could make fun of it.

The nighttime soap showcased some of the finest acting that has ever been seen on television, but for the first two seasons, it’s primarily about introductions. Who are the Ewings? Who are the Barnes’s? What do we care? How do they relate to each other vs. the outside world? What kinds of problems do really rich, proud, compulsive capitalists have?

In these first two seasons, enjoy the production that has held up so well over the years while getting acquainted with the characters and situations that will seem so charming later as the original characters are replaced by hordes of less interesting ones.

Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Grain-Free Chicken & Fish Formula – 3 lb

While transitioning my cats from canned to raw, I wanted something dry and healthy in the interim to use in place of treats of dubious nutritional value. Artisan looked like it was worth a try. I think the company means well, but our cats didn’t care for it. Whether prepared according to package directions with warm water or served dry (which as per a phone call to the company, is okay to do if fresh water is provided to make sure the cats don’t dry out), the most interest our “kids” showed was fishing for the chicken pieces and making a huge mess of the potato flakes. Although, that was a hassle for me because some of the pieces were too big and I had to break them up with my fingers. Then they used them as hockey pucks for a while before eating. For this purpose, there are other freeze-dried chicken chunks on the market that don’t come with the hassle of all the flaky mess that the cats won’t benefit from anyway.

Maybe it would be different for cats who are used to dry food. I do applaud the use of wholesome ingredients, but they aren’t ingredients that appeal to our particular cats. Now that they are on a blend of raw/canned, with no fruits or vegetables or starches, they are much happier. Glad I tried it though!