Dark Knight Extra Disc — Why So Unsubstantial?

Like so many others, I coveted the Dark Knight disc for months up to and including its release. However, the extra disc that comes with the movie is a disappointment.

I was hoping for a director’s commentary. Knowing that Christopher Nolan is a perfectionist and was very proud of this film, why the hell not do a commentary? And if he didn’t want to for whatever reason, why not get Eckhart or Oldman to do it? There are many of us out here who would LOVE that.

It was also disturbing, given the tragedies surrounding this film — Heath’s death, Conway’s death, cast illnesses, Freeman’s car accident — that nothing was mentioned about those. I mean, they are important. It affects the production of a film and its release when key players are hurt and/or killed.

Another glaring omission was on-set footage. Would have loved to have seen the progress of the film in different stages, as well as the logistics that changed along the way. Have heard rumors that so many things had to be digitized instead of actual because of insistence from the Chinese government, etc. Let’s hear more of that. It’s interesting!

As for the movie itself, either you like it or you don’t, and if you missed it in the theater, it’s coming out again this month. It’d be a shame to miss it on the big screen just because the DVD is out — although the DVD is great. If you haven’t seen and don’t plan to, why not? Sure, it’s got a lot of imperfections, but see it anyway.

The filler material of fake news stories about Wayne, etc. are silly and waste time. The blurb about how the musicians got the Joker theme music figured out was interesting, but couldn’t carry a whole extra disc.

If you love the movie, just get it by itself, forget the extra. Although I think the audio is a bit weird at times (the voices get really quiet and I have to turn up the volume here and there). Just hit the FF button every time a Rachel Dawes scene comes up (I know I’m not the only one who couldn’t stand Gyllenhaal’s performance!) and you’re good.

Ames True Temper 2466010 Lawn Buddy is Truly a Buddy!

Does your gardening involve raised flower beds? Would you like a way to garden more comfortably, plus have a way to tote your pots from backyard to garage to front without hauling out the wheelbarrow?

Enter the Ames Lawn Buddy. I love it!

It’s a cute, dare I say — adorable? — little wheeled gizmo that you can sit on to wheel around your beds, weeding, planting, fertilizing, bidding good day to your squirrel friends as they try to bury their nuts behind your back…while also having the benefit of storage. The inner tray holds quite a bit, while the inside overall can carry several flower pots and shovels, seeds, gloves, eggshells, you name it! Don’t worry about getting it dirty; it hoses off nicely.

This is ideal for small- to mid-sized properties that may not need a big wheelbarrow, but would benefit from a little gardener support. Very satisfied with my purchase!

Electrasol Tabs For Perfectly Clean Dishes!

If you’re like me, you believe the dishwasher is meant to wash dishes. For years I resented having to wash the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. I mean, then what’s the point right?!

Electrasol Tabs changed my life. They clean through anything. Even sticky peanut butter. You can still clean off the dishes if you want, but these little tabs go straight to work as soon as you turn on the machine. I will never return to gels or powders. Hallelujah!